There goes the judge?

Earlier this month, when asked if he would be running in the next election, Attorney General Wally Oppal told the press gallery, "I'm thinking about it, but stay tuned...there's a lot of time to make these decisions that affect one's life forever." Nor, at the time, had he spoken with Premier Gordon Campbell about the matter. So, yesterday, Public Eye asked Attorney General Oppal if that conversation had taken place. "Not yet. He's been away. And then he's got to go away this week to the premier's conference. So I've got to sit down and talk to him." And when will that conversation happen? "I think soon rather than later. Probably next week or so," he responded, adding he hasn't yet made a decision about his political future. "I want to talk to him. You know, I think it's something I think I should discuss with him. And then I'll decide."

But, should he depart, won't that mean a reduction in government representation for the Indo-Canadian community? "There are Indo-Canadian members here. I appreciate what you're say. But David Hayer is here. John Nuraney is here. And we don't know about Sindi Hawkins. Hopefully she'll be back if here health permits. So there are three others."

Nevertheless, we reminded Attorney General Oppal he's the only Indo-Canadian at the cabinet table. "I know. I have to think of a number of factors. My life, my family, what I'm contributing to government. It's really been exciting for me. I really feel lucky to be here and privileged to have been asked. We're really doing some great things - the community courts and dealing with chronic offenders and spousal violence. So it's very exciting. And I'd very much like to see a lot of that completed. So those are things I'd like to think about."

Premier Campbell has set a deadline of May 29 for legislators to say if they'll run in the next election.

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Hopefully he is going going and gone

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