Four more years

Today is Public Eye's fourth birthday. That might not be a cause of celebration for some of those we report on. But, after publishing 3,015 stories and counting, we're happy to mark the ocassion with this message and a glass of wine. Cheers!


Congratulations Sean. It's a huge achievement. You provide essential investigative reporting here in BC and we are all fortunate for it. Raise a toast to yourself, indeed!

Well Happy Birthday PEO and I love the site!!!!
But I have noticed comments are becoming very sparse. It's unfortunate you have changed the way people comment. Most people I know are concerned with type key and feel they are losing a sense of privacy when commenting.

Most apparently the entertainment value of PEO has been lost, who doesn’t miss those amusing posts.

Well done, Sean! I've enjoyed your work and your little corner of cyberspace has certainly been influential. I look forward to watching it continue to grow, evolve & flourish.

(And keep churning out those wickedly witty headlines!)

Congratulations Sean - keep up the good work!

Hey, hold on just a minute...

Should you be quaffing vino on your own??

Without supervision by a professional? Without Russell? Without Tieleman?? Without moi????!!!!

Happy Birthday doesn't even begin to cover it!

Many happy returns to your 'baby' old boy!

Congratulations to the premier site for political insight!

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