Two times charm?

Remember former Non-Partisan Association mayoral candidate Jennifer Clarke? Last time she made provincial headlines, Ms. Clarke had been asked to quit the provincial Liberal Vancouver-Langara nomination race so future finance minister Carole Taylor could run unopposed for that post. But now we understand some party members think she should make another bid for elected office in 2009. But where? Well, it won't be Vancouver-Langara. Because Moira Stilwell, the head of nuclear medicine at Saint Paul's and Surrey Memorial hospitals, has been all but been annointed as the Liberal's candidate in that riding. But what about North Vancouver-Seymour? After all, Ms. Clarke recently worked as lobbyist for the City of North Vancouver, successfully lobbying the Campbell administration to fund its national maritime centre. Of course, there's a small problem with such speculation: legislator Dan Jarvis is already the incumbent candidate in that constituency. Ms. Clarke hasn't returned repeated calls from Public Eye.

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