Mr. Dressup

Most hosts, if they want their guests to dress formally, simply ask them to. But it seems things aren't so simple in the provincial civil service. Last October, the government put on two oath ceremonies for new bureaucrats at a cost of $73,262. But one of the event organizers was concerned those bureaucrats might leave their suits and ties at home. In an email obtained by Public Eye via a freedom of information request, public service initiative project director Rueben Bronee writes attendees should be given a itinerary for the event because, "this might subtly encourage them to dress and conduct themselves appropriately. By letting them know they will be photographed with the (deputy attorney general), for example, that might give them a sense of the level of formality. It would be unfortunate if someone showed up in jeans and then said they didn't realize it was going to be that kind of event. Of course, some may well still arrive dressed very casually, but at least they will have had some notice beforehand of what to expect." Er, okay.

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