The pro-choice movement

The word choices seems to be a big part of the provincial government's efforts to sell its environmental initiatives. Advertisements promoting the $100 cheque British Columbians will receive to help them "choose an eco-friendly lifestyle" stress "most people like choices." And those who want more information are encouraged to visit the Website So why the emphasis on choice? Well, it might something to do with the fact Decima Research Ltd. told the government - prior to the launch of those advertisements - that "the idea of having more environmentally sustainable choices available was seen as a vitally important element to facilitating change." Nevertheless, the company suggested "Living Smart is the best overarching umbrella theme" for the government's climate action initiatives. "But aspects of others (like choice and saving) should be embedded in the tone and language associated with that theme." Fancy that! The following is a complete copy of the script of that radio advertisement.

A bike, rechargeable batteries...

The province just announced more cuts to personal and business taxes.

I know, running shoes!

And soon you'll receive a $100 climate action dividend to help you choose an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Oh, energy-efficient lightbulbs!

After all, most people like choices.


Some may be too much.

To learn more, visit or call 1-877-387-332.

It pays to make smart choices.

A message from the province.

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