Worth 1,000 words

Decima Research Ltd.'s report didn't just include clever monikers for the Campbell administration's climate action initiatives. As part of its recommendations on the Campbell administration should sell those initiatives, the polling firm also tested a "series of visual concepts" connected to the environment - with the strongest reaction being to pictures of polar bears and cars in traffic.

The firm also reported, "The contrast of showing two opposites - a situation that is taken for granted now and the aftermath of that situation being lost had a greater impact on making people care and thinking and what it means them. The image of kids with their elders in the wilderness enjoying a green space together, with a phrase that suggests it will be lost soon if people's habits don't change was recommended by many of the participants."

So if you soon see government commercials featuring children and their parents being mauled by polar bears and run over by gridlocked cars in the middle of the woods, you'll know where the Campbell administration came up with the concept.

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