Home on the Tri-Cities range?

Provincial Liberal Port Moody-Westwood backbencher Iain Black has a "difficult decision" to make in the "coming weeks." In a message posted on TriCityEvents.com, Mr. Black writes his riding will be "dramatically affected" by the upcoming adjustments to British Columbia's electoral boundaries, being split in half. "The result is two very winnable ridings for the BC Liberals: 'Port Moody-Coquitlam' and 'Coquitlam-Burke Mountain.' I will announce the riding I intend to defend shortly after the passing of the legislation later this spring. In the mean time, I would urge each of you to seriously consider increasing your involvement in one of our four Tri-City BC Liberals Riding Associations, to renew your membership in the party, and to start engaging in the preparations (already under way!) for the next provincial election in 14 short months: May 12, 2009." Of course, what Mr. Black doesn't mention is that Coquitlam-Burke Mountain is the more winnable of those ridings. But that's the same constituency Liberal regional coordinator Greg Moore is assumed to be running in.

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