Today, The Vancouver Sun's Gordon Hamilton reported "Premier Gordon Campbell told mayors attending a Whistler convention last week that he wants to support the province's forest industry by allowing the construction of wood-framed condominiums higher than the current four-storey limit. And Housing Minister Rich Coleman told the Canadian Home Builders' Association two weeks ago that he wants to see wood-framed buildings up to six storeys high. So where did the Campbell administration get the inspiration for this plan?

Well, back in February, International Forest Products Ltd. vice president Ric Slaco attended a Campbell administration climate action meeting. And, at the meeting, Mr. Slaco delivered a PowerPoint presentation urging the government to promote British Columbia wood products by making "BC's Building Code and procurement policies wood-centric" and expanding the province's wood first policy to private buildings. This, as part of an effort to increase wood product use in construction for both environmentally and economic reasons. Fancy that!

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