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Vision, mission and values statements are a commonality at most private and public sector organizations. But does anyone really pay attention to them? Well, it seems the Northern Health Authority seems to think so. Because, between May 27 to July 10, staff have been invited to participate in an internal consultation process to help the authority update those statements. The reason: well, evidentally, a recent survey showed employees didn't connect with them. Quick, dial 911! The following is a complete copy of the authority's current vision, mission and values statement.

The Vision of Northern Health is to be a model of excellence in rural health care.

The Mission of Northern Health is as follows: Northern Health will build and strengthen the health of communities, relationships, and all people in Northern British Columbia.

Values: Northern Health is committed to improving the health of all the people of Northern British Columbia.

This will be achieved through:

* A spirit of collaboration and
* Strengthening of communities.

It will be done with:

* Honesty and integrity
* Accountable decision making, and
* A culture of respect.

There will be a commitment to:

* Learning and innovation, and
* Continuous improvement.

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