A one way conversation

Earlier, we reported on the firing of Louise Comeau, the climate action secretariat's public outreach and strategic engagement director. And now we're hearing talk climate policy executive director Robert Joshi, who is responsible for leading the government's consulation efforts with the oil and gas industry, may be departing. So we rang Mr. Joshi earlier this week to ask him about those rumours. The response: "Oh, you should forward any inquries to David Haslam" - the secretariat's communications manager. "Do you have his number?" Of course we do. But referring questions to Mr. Haslam is, in our experience, tantamount to referring questions rocks, sticks and other non-responsive objects. And we said as much - although in not to so many words - to Mr. Joshi. But this didn't seem to trouble him. Because he once again told us, "You should forward inquiries to him." Not surprisingly, the secretariat didn't respond to questions about the matter forwarded to their office.

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