Digging in the wrong place?

Yesterday, we reported the Vancouver Island Exploration Group is raising concerns about the Campbell administration's newly-introduce Road Resource Act. But, in an email to Public Eye, the ministry of forests and range seems to be suggesting the group's concerns are unfounded. Responding to complaints that commercial and industrial road users will now have to pay forest companies to use those corridors, the ministry confirmed the act does allow for the establishment of such fees. But "there is no plan to impose new fees for industrial use."

And what about allegations the legislation will result in the dismantlement of British Columbia's back country road infrastructure? Well, according to the ministry, "The government has no mandate to dismantle the backcountry road structure and this act does not empower it to do so." And as for suggestions the legislation "repeals and abolishes" the mining industry's land access rights, the ministry stated, "As the Resource Road Act is an enabling piece of legislation and as the inter-industry and multiple ministry operations are very complex, many of the details required to complete the regulations will need to be addressed through detailed engagement with industrial users regulated under the act."

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