The pillars of wisdom?

Earlier, we reported the ministry of children and family development's revised good practice action plan would be released before the end of the spring legislative session. So it should come as no surprise to our readers that, last week, the ministry quietly posted the plan - "Strong, Safe, and Supported" - along with an accompanying operational framework on its Website.

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Oh, no - More pillars!

Five of them, no less

They obviously haven't been following the fate of the four pillars concept on the drugs file. "Promotes silo thinking!" say the critics. The whole applecart tips if any of the pillars are out of whack. And at least one inevitably is out of whack or marching off to its own drummer at any one time. Which is why they've pretty much given over to newer ideas about continuums of care and every door being the right door, etc

Sorry, I should go read the plan, but if the rest is as creative as the pillars concept, it's going to be pretty depressing.

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