Waste not?

Earlier, we reported the Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance has expressed concern about government support for biomass power development - an industry being promoted by the Campbell administration. But they're not the only ones worried about such developments. In an interview with Public Eye, District of 100 Mile House Mayor Donna Barnett said, "I think the concern I have is we don't know enough about" whether biomass power is clean and carbon neutral. "And another concern I have is to make sure that, if we're going to utilize the pine beetle wood" for fuel such power projects "we have to make sure we don't extract all of the resource out there and leave some (of that waste wood) for the ecosystem." That being said, though, Mayor Barnett - vice-chair of the Cariboo-Chilcotin Beetle Action Coalition - added she was confident the Campbell administration is confident the Campbell administration will soon have research available to allay those concerns.

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