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Managers and professionals working at the University of British Columbia could be getting a raise in 2009. Earlier this month, the university quietly announced it was looking for a "consulting firm to conduct a Compensation Market Review" for those positions - which number over 2,500. According to the request for proposal, the University of British Columbia will implement the recommendations resulting from that review "on or after April 1, 2009." The following is a complete copy of the relevant portion of that proposal.


1.1 Purpose of the Request for Proposal

1.1.1 The University of British Columbia ("UBC"), hereinafter referred to as the "University", by issuing this Request for Proposals ("RFP") requires a company for its Compensation Market Review for Management & Professional (M&P) positions.

More detailed information is contained within Schedule A and B of this document.

1.1.2 Through this RFP, the University seeks to:

(a) Determine the fee structure

(b) select the successful Proponent, if any

(c) specify the terms and conditions that would govern any resulting contract

1.1.3 This RFP states the instructions for submitting proposals and the procedure by which the successful Proponent(s) if any, will be selected.

1.2 Term of Contract

1.2.1 The contract with the University of British Columbia will be for a period of approximately one year, from June 2008 to May 31, 2009.

1.3 Key Dates

In order to assist Proponents, following are the key target dates and events with respect to this RFP process. Such dates are not guaranteed and may change based upon circumstances.

A. Issue of Request for Proposals April 2, 2008
B. Return Receipt Confirmation Form April 9, 2008
C. Inquiries Up to April 24, 2008
D. Due Date for Submission of Proposals May 1, 2008
E. Evaluation and Clarification of Proposals May 31, 2008
F. Acceptance of successful Proposal (if any) June 6, 2008
G Project Plan finalized and jointly agreed to July 31, 2008
F. Survey Fall 2008
F Presentation of final report and recommendations January, 2009



Compensation Market Review

4.0 Purpose

The University of British Columbia ("University, UBC") by issuing this Request for Proposals, is intending to establish a contract with a consulting firm to conduct a Compensation Market Review for its Management and Professional positions.

There are over 2,500 Management and Professional positions at UBC. These positions represent roles of a varied nature at UBC. Those holding positions of management are responsible for the leadership of departments/units that have a high degree of complexity and autonomy in a highly decentralized environment. Those holding roles of a professional nature are fundamental to supporting research and teaching activities that are vital to UBC.

The contract will be established in order to provide a final report and recommendations to the Human Resources Department by January 2009.

4.1 Background

Since its opening in 1915, the University of British Columbia has developed a reputation for innovation and excellence in both teaching and research, and has become a leader in higher education in Canada. It has earned an international reputation due to the efforts and accomplishments of its people -- its faculty, staff and students. The university recognizes that people are its most important resource, and places the highest value on all its members.
The University's Human Resource Department's aim is to provide services that ensure the University's strategic direction is aligned with the goals and objectives of its people, and to advise and counsel the University executive and department managers in building community, and facilitating an excellent working climate at UBC.
About the Management and Professional Group

The vast majority of Management and Professional (M&P) positions at UBC are governed by the Association of Administrative and Professional Staff (AAPS). Other than a few positions (e.g., Excluded Management and Professional positions (XMP) that are excluded from AAPS based on organizational and conflict of interest considerations, the terms and conditions of employment for all Management and Professional positions are outlined in the Framework Agreement between UBC and AAPS. While AAPS is considered a bargaining unit, it is not a trade union.

In addition to the Excluded Management and Professional (XMP) positions that are excluded from AAPS, the Service Unit Director (SUDs) employee group consists of senior employees, most of whom have direct reporting relationships to the University Vice Presidents or Associate Vice Presidents. There are currently 75 XMP and SUDs employees whose compensation is guided by the same job families and compensation matrix as the AAPS group.

Job Evaluation at UBC

UBC must be competitive to attract and retain talent, taking into consideration market factors, and applied within the context of UBC's ability to pay. One of the strategies outlined in the "Focus on People: Workplace Practices at UBC" pertains to "Attracting Outstanding Faculty and Staff", and indicates that it is UBC's priority to "collect and analyze data at appropriate intervals on compensation "¦. to ensure that UBC is not falling behind the relevant markets."

UBC uses a "whole job" classification system for its Management and Professional positions. The classification matrix consists of 36 job families and over 200 levels in total within these families. The current pay structure consists of 15 salary ranges with a minimum, midpoint, and maximum.

An extensive Total Compensation market survey was conducted in 2004, and formed the basis for adjustments to the salary ranges effective July 01, 2005. At the current time, UBC is approaching the survey from a "total cash" perspective.

4.2 Objective:

UBC's objective at this time is to assess the market competitiveness of Management and Professional Positions at UBC. This will be accomplished by the following tasks:

Market Survey:

Review and assess the market competitiveness of AAPS and non-AAPS M&P salary ranges.

* The survey will cover only 32 job families (4 job families are not required).
* You will provide input about the number of positions (i.e., levels) from each job family to survey.
* The survey will include approximately 25 private sector and public/university sector comparator organizations.
* The survey will be based on "Total Cash Compensation", with the addition of one or two high level questions pertaining to benefits (e.g., the approximate percentage of base compensation that the employer-paid portion of benefits and pension constitute).
* You will prepare a final report/recommendations for UBC, a report summary for survey participants, as well as a presentation of the results for UBC. A separate reporting of the AAPS and non-AAPS survey results is required.
* You will provide recommendations about changes to the compensation matrix based on the survey results, for implementation on or after April 1, 2009.

The survey may be conducted as a single, large survey. An alternative is to split it into three smaller surveys, distributed over a longer period of time, such as a two year period. Your proposal should cover both alternatives.

Additional information about the AAPS M&P job families and related guidelines can be found on the UBC web site at the following location: http://www.hr.ubc.ca/comp/job_evaluation/families/mp.html.

Note that four job families will not be part of the survey:
* Co-operative Education,
* Drug and Poison Information,
* Development Office, and
* Genetic Counselling.

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