A political handicap

In their most recent filing with Elections British Columbia, the provincial Liberals disclosed they received two prohibited contributions totalling $530 from the British Columbia Paraplegic Association - which, as a charitable organization, is barred from donating money to political parties. We found those contributions curious given that their marketing and development director is considering running for the party in the next election. But, in an interview with Public Eye, association executive director Melanie Crombie explained the donations were the result of a "clerical error that (the Liberals) said they would take care of."

In one case, Ms. Crombie said, "One of our staff wanted to go to a presentation by (Finance Minister) Carole Taylor on the future economy of British Columbia. And he made a mistake and put it on our VISA. And I told him that was not acceptable. So the money was returned." In the other case, the contribution was actually "a purchase of a picture from us" by the Liberals.

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