The folly of youth

The Liberals may claim to be the party of fiscal prudence in this province. But at least some of the events organized by their youth members don't seem to have been run on a cost-recovery basis. According to the party's 2007 Elections British Columbia filings, their BC Lions Night on October 10 had a net loss of $216. And a soccer game on November 2007, cost the party $236.25.


As a member of the BC Young Liberals executive I would like to clarify the costs for those two events. Both events were run as volunteer appreciation events where the party covered a portion of the cost of tickets. While this may have cost the party a small amount of money, it was more than made up for by the time, effort and enthusiasm our youth volunteers show constantly.

I think what Stirling means is that Young Liberals are here to party, provided the Party picks up the tab.

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