A grand appointment

Back in June, Advanced Education Minister Murray Coell announced new measures to "protect students, enhance quality, and strengthen accountability at B.C.'s private-post-secondary institutions." Among them - "appointing two new members to the board of the Private Career Training Institutions Agency, one of whom will be a student." And it seems the government didn't have to look very far to find that new student representative. The Campbell administration's board resourcing and development office announced today the receptionist and former manager of the Hotel Grand Pacific's spa has been appointed to that post. This being the same luxury hotel that's across the street from the legislature.

Asked to explain Sara Pearson's appointment, advanced education communications manager Linda O'Connor stated, "She went through a process. The government's board uses a board resourcing and development office process to solicit applications and so on. And she then qualified for membership on the board. And she was appointed on November 28, 2007." Ms. Pearson is also presently working toward a fine arts diploma at University Canada West.

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