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Earlier, we reported the Campbell administration's climate action team will meet just eight times before issuing recommedation on how the Liberals can meet their greenhouse gas emission targets. And what is the pith and substance of those conversation, you may wonder? Well, Public Eye now has a copy of the minutes for the team's first meeting, which was held on December 14, 2007. That two-page document was obtained via a freedom of information request filed on December 16. The government responded to that request on March 20, 2008. The freedom of information and protection of privacy act gives the government 30 working days to respond to such requests - a deadline that expired on January 31. The following is a complete copy of those meeting minutes.

Turner, Julie PREM:EX

From: Turner, Julie PREM:EX
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2007 2:28 PM
To: Slusarchuk, Cheryl L AVED:EX
Subject: FW: Minutes - CAT Meeting Dec 12

Graham has ok'd these minutes - over to you for review. These are minimal for the purpose of minutes, but if you require more detail just let me know. Thanks Cheryl.

December 12 - Climate Action Team Minutes

1) Remarks - Cheryl Slusarchuk

Housekeeping issues identified which included the schedule of meetings. Last 30 minutes of each meeting will be kept to summarizing key points and action items. Draft document in June will be final document for discussion. Members who receive media calls are to connect with Kirk Smith who will provide key messags.

2) General Discussion:
Warren Bell provided an overview on GHG inventory.
Action Item: Members requested a comprehensive list of programs already underway. Members requested sectoral numbers with business as usual vs what can be achieved, and one more level to pie charts. Mark Jaccard, Warren Bell and Robert Joshi will provide further information for the next meeting.

The cap and trade system was explained and a high level discussion which included economic opportunities.

Action Item: Members are to bring policy ideas to the next meeting. Phone calls will be arranged with Climate Action Secretariat staff before January 24 to assist with gathering information. John Robinson and John Fyfe will review options with a scientific lens and develop options in a form for discussion.

Action Item: Mark Jaccard will provide a briefing on carbon tax at the next meeting - Warren Bell to discuss with Mark Jaccard.

3) Closing Remarks - Cheryl Slusarchuk:

We are in a unique opportunity to use our experience and leadership to work towards solutions for meeting the targets. Next meeting is scheduled for January 24, Premier's Vancouver Office.

Julie Turner | Executive Coordinator
Climate Action Secretariat | Office of the Premier


December 12, 2007
Vancouver, BC

10:00 Introductory Remarks
The Honourable Gordon Campbell, Premier

11:00 Remarks and Discussion
Cheryl Slusarchuk, Chair, Climate Action Team

11:30 Remarks and Discussion
Graham Whitmarsh, Head, Climate Action Secretariat

12:00 Emission Inventory for BC
Warren Bell, Executive Director, Climate Action Secretariat

12:30 Lunch

1:00 Review of Mitigation Strategies

3:30 Closing Remarks
Cheryl Slusarchuk, Chair, Climate Action Team

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Why so slow with the FOI request? Does the government have any established penalties in place for failing to meet their own service levels?

This 'meeting' sounds like a lot of hot air (pardon the pun). I'm not seeing anything that gives the reader an inkling that matters of substance were either reviewed or accomplished.

The paragraph: "We are in a unique opportunity to use our experience and leadership to work towards solutions for meeting the targets. Next meeting is scheduled for January 24, Premier's Vancouver Office."

That paragraph is key. What are the qualifications and experience of the people on this latest committee? What are the targets that they're trying to meet?

From the weasely language used it looks like they're giving themselves a 'out' before they've even started. "working towards solutions" have they not even identified what the chosen solutions are yet? The words "working towards" are classic bc gov bs, right up there with 'continuous improvement'. blah.

This sounds more like a group of overpriced people brought together for a days break away from the office to be on a 'committee' that allows the gov to crow that Hey! Look! We're doing something! When, once again they do nothing.

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