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The provincial government is hiring another trade and investment representative as part of its Asia Pacific Initiative. Last week, the ministry of economic development quietly announced on BC Bid it was looking for a consultant to "further ehance and develop the economic ties between Britisth Columbia and India" by summer 2008. The successful applicant will have a "minimum of 7 years working experience in commerce, trade, and/or investment in the private or public sector in Bengaluru." Earlier this year, the Campbell administration made a similar hire in Korea, with the successful applicant requiring a "minimum of 10 years working experience in commerce, trade, investment and/or intergovernmental organizations." The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned request for proposal.

4 Background

Building on the success of the Asia Pacific Trade Council (India Market Advisory Group Report) and the Asia Pacific Initiative, the Province of British Columbia will continue to move forward with establishing representative services in the Asia Pacific by expanding British Columbia's trade and investment representative services to the India market.

The Province's Ministry of Economic Development will look to establish a trade and investment representative in Bengaluru by summer 2008 to further enhance and develop the economic ties between British Columbia and India. The representative will report to the Asia Pacific Unit of the Ministry of Economic Development and assist in the development of market strategies and business plans.

The representative will be responsible for advancing and defending British Columbia's commercial interests in Bengaluru and enhancing the ability of companies to compete and prosper in India through outreach to other locations as necessary to advance and support sectoral interests.

The representative will also be responsible for following up on key recommendations laid out in the India Market Advisory Group Report, the Asia Pacific Initiative, and the Ministry of Economic Development's India market strategy and business plan.

The representative will work to promote and market British Columbia as a:

* source of world-class services, goods, and commodities in the global marketplace;
* highly competitive location for investment;
* strategic partner for education, research, science and innovation collaboration; and
* destination for highly skilled and talented workers, students, researchers and business leaders.

In advancing British Columbia's long term interests, the development of government and corporate networks, relationships with industry leaders and gatekeepers, and partnerships with Canadian and Indian stakeholders will be integral to the role of the Bengaluru representative.

5 Services

5.1 Service Areas

The following sub-sections list the details of the type of services that the Province may require from Qualified Suppliers:

5.1.1 BC Trade and Investment Representative Services in Bengaluru, India

The Consultant in Bengaluru, India will be required to provide representative services on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development focussed but not limited to the following:

* Investment Attraction
* Trade Promotion
* Incoming and Outgoing Visit / Delegation Support
* Public Affairs
* Relationship Building
* Identification of business opportunities in key sectors

For the areas of investment promotion, trade promotion, and business opportunity identification, the industry sectors include, but are not limited to:

* Advanced Technologies
* Advanced Energy and Power Technologies
* Information Communications Technologies
* Biotechnology and Life Sciences
* Education
* K-12 to Advanced Education
* Research and Science and Technology Collaboration
* Academic and Commercial

The Consultant will be an industry expert, with sector specific knowledge and an established network. The Consultant lives in Bengaluru and provides instant access to the market on behalf of the Province and British Columbian companies, institutions, and other clients identified by the Province. The Consultant will be expected to:

* Contribute to the delivery of investment deals into British Columbia over the term of the contract;
* Contribute to the entrance of British Columbia companies into Bengaluru markets by way of good or service export over the term of the contract, and into other Indian markets as necessary to advance and support sectoral interests;
* Assist on program development and delivery for official British Columbia government visits to India during the term of the contract;
* To support business delegation missions to Bengaluru and other Indian locations as necessary to advance and support sectoral interests;
* To support and organise business delegation missions from Bengaluru and other Indian locations as relevant to sectoral interests to British Columbia; and
* To conduct market research on priority sectors highlighted by the Province in its India business plans.

The Consultant will perform the following to ensure delivery of the above items:

* Conduct corporate calls with key decision makers or decision influencers in the market to generate investment leads and present the business case for locating in British Columbia;
* Generate qualified investment leads on an annual basis;
* Generate executive visits to British Columbia annually;
* Deliver seminars and presentations to targeted audiences on the merits of establishing a presence in British Columbia to expand business in North America;
* Participate and represent British Columbia and its companies in select trade and investment events as relevant to sectoral interests including industry shows, conferences and seminars;
* Monitor and report on key marketplace intelligence including trends, mergers, acquisitions, and industry issues;
* Identify and confirm prospective sales partnering opportunities for British Columbian companies;
* Plan and deliver on ground support for in-bound and out-bound trade and investment initiatives and government delegations; and
* Work with the Canadian Government in-market representatives and other partners to integrate and effectively executive marketing and business plan activities.

It is expected that trade and investment promotion and related activities will consume 80 percent of the Consultant's time, and inbound / outbound mission support and relationship building activities will consume the balance. Term

The Ministry anticipates that representative services will be required from 2008 to 2011, renewable annually, with potential for extension beyond 2011. Mandates and Skills

Specific mandates and skills include the following:

a) Masters degree in commerce, business or trade, and/or international relations;
b) Minimum of 7 years working experience in commerce, trade, and/or investment in the private or public sector in Bengaluru, and successful track record of attracting investment and business development/expansion.
c) Ability to utilize established networks: of commercial and government contacts in Bengaluru; industry sector contacts relevant to British Columbia's strengths; contacts in government departments with mandates for trade and investment; and contacts in sector-specific industry associations, as well as organizations who can assist in sector-specific trade and investment outcomes as defined in section 5.1.1.
d) Knowledge of business practices in Bengaluru and India.
e) Knowledge of Canada and especially British Columbia's commercial and economic interests.
f) Fluent oral and written communication skills in English, Hindi, and Kannada, and ability to maintain contact in these languages with all identified stakeholders in the market.
g) Ability to operate MS Windows, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and most internet applications.
h) Ability to provide written summary reports to project manager in British Columbia on a monthly basis including tele-conference calls.
i) Resident in Bengaluru and legal entitlement to work in Bengaluru, perform the services outlined in the RFQ, and an ability to incorporate in Bengaluru to hire staff and perform other necessary business functions associated with an incorporated entity in order to deliver services outlined in the RFQ.
j) Capacity to fulfil the requirements as outlined in this RFQ to deliver trade and investment representative services in Bengaluru. Ministry Provided Services

The Ministry will provide the following:

a) A comprehensive briefing on British Columbia's economy and priority sectors for Bengaluru and India.
b) A comprehensive overview of British Columbia's Government priorities and strategic objectives in Bengaluru and India.
c) Updates on proposed / confirmed delegations from British Columbia to India.

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