Sticking up for the little guy?

The provincial government likes to promote its public-private partnership accomplishments which, according to Premier Gordon Campbell, "tap directly into the intiative and innovative of the private sector while providing critical public infrastructure in the most cost-effective manner." But it seems one of the Liberal's biggest backers isn't quite as enthusiastic. Speaking with a Calgary news magazine, Independent Contractors and Businesses Association president Philip Hochstein said the construction industry continues to support public-private partnerships. But "the small companies are worried that, if the government...wants everything to be bigger and packages the projects so that they're big, they'll be excluded from the process." The association donated $17,381 to the Liberals in 2005 and 2006, according to Elections British Columbia.

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I believe the smaller contractors will still have a very large roll to play in the so-called 'public private partnerships', it's just that they'll be sub-contractors or sub-sub-contractors, with a lot of middle men taking a slice of profit off and diminishing their overall earnings. But who cares about that? PPPs are zippy new and fun - lets focus on that instead of asking hard questions.

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