Maple Ridge filling

Last year, provincial New Democrat legislator Michael Sather told us his temporary suspension from caucus will "factor in" when he thinks about running for re-election. And now we're hearing talk Mr. Sather is considering leaving provincial politics to make a bid to be Maple Ridge's mayor. Asked about such talk, Mr. Sather said, "I have no comment on anything like that Sean. I'm focusing on completing my duties - not completing my duties but dealing with the legislative agenda. And that's what I'm focusing on." And what about rumours he was asked to wait until the end of the spring legislative session to make that announcement? "Same answer Sean." So would he rule out running to be mayor? "Same answer Sean," he again responded. Last month, incumbent candidate Gordy Robson told the Maple Ridge News's Phil Melnychuk "he doesn't plan on running for mayor for a second term."

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