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Ever wonder how much money TransLink forks over to find out what you're thinking? Well, according to bid documents posted last Thursday, the transportation authority spends "over $1 million annually on qualitative and quantiative marketing research and public opinion polling." And all that cash could be yours if you make a successful bid to do that work on behalf of TransLink. The following is a complete copy of the relevant portion of that request for proposal.

3.1 TransLink spends over $1 million annually on qualitative and quantitative marketing research and public opinion polling, some examples include:

Qualitative Research
Focus groups
One-on-one or paired interviews
Quantitative Research
On-Line or Web panel Research
Telephone Surveys

On-Board or On-Site Interviewing

3.2 The following tasks to be performed by the successful Respondent may include, but are not limited to, the following:

* questionnaire design;
* telephone and in-person interviewing;
* coding;
* weighting of data;
* data processing;
* production of databases;
* production of computer tables;
* reporting;
* on-line data collection; and
* focus group recruitment, moderating and reporting.

3.3 The following reports to be provided by the successful Respondent may include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Conjoint, Tradeoff and Discrete Choice Studies;
* Usage and Attitude Studies;
* Public Affairs and Public Opinion Research;
* Customer Satisfaction Research;
* Advertising Pretests; and
* Advertising Tracking.

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TransLink uses customer surveys and other means of measuring public sentiment as part of its commitment to public consultation. We make extensive use of surveys such as those described in the column to determine both overall customer satisfaction and expectations and to gather data on specific questions like demand for new routes and improvements needed for cycling infrastructure and the major roads network. We recently did surveys as part of the testing phase of the new Transportation Management and Communications system, determining, among other things, the timing of the automated "next stop" announcements on buses. Currently, the public is invited to give opinions on the replacement tax, either online at or by phone at 604-453-4660.

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