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Earlier, we reported former BC Cancer Foundation president and chief executive officer Mary McNeil was considering running for the provincial Liberals in the next election. But is it possible those deliberations are over? Because, tomorrow, Ms. McNeil will be making a "very special announcement" about her future at the Granville Island Hotel with Premier Gordon Campbell. The hotel is located in the riding of Vancouver-False Creek - one of Vancouver-Burrard's successor ridings. The following is a complete copy of the invitation to the announcement.

From: The McNeils
To: 'Mary McNeil'
Sent: Thu Mar 13 17:10:22 2008
Subject: THIS SATURDAY at 12:30 pm - Granville Island Hotel

Hi there!

If you are available, please join me, along with Premier Gordon Campbell, this Saturday at the Granville Island Hotel at 12:30 pm for a very special announcement about my future. I would really love to see you and would greatly appreciate the support! AND if you think any others would love to come, please invite them along!!

Hope to see you there!

Mary McNeil

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