And then there were "a number of individuals"

Earlier, we reported Attorney General Wally Oppal didn't know whether everyone on the lobbyist registry had signed-up properly and on time. So maybe he should have a talk to the premier's former special advisor Ken Dobell. After all, in an essay Mr. Dobell wrote to avoid being charged with a violation of federal lobbyist registration laws, he states, "Over the course of my work in government and since leaving it, I now recognize that I have encountered a number of individuals doing work that would likely fall under the ambit of the legislation who may not be registered." This, according to The Vancouver Sun. Last month, Public Eye also revealed the number of government relations consultants signing-up with the lobbyist registry increased markedly after Mr. Dobell's misdeed became the subject of public debate. At the time, Attorney General Oppal conceded that "might indicate people are aware of the consequences of not registering."

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