Joy to the Conservatives?

As the leader of British Columbia's two-member unofficial opposition, Joy MacPhail became an inspiration for New Democrat members across the province. So why was the former legislator one of the featured speakers at a recent federal Conservative fundraiser for Vancouver South candidate Wai Young? In an interview with Public Eye, Ms. MacPhail explained she attended the $100 per ticket reception as a favour to Ms. Young's husband whom she's friends with. But that doesn't mean she's switching allegiances. "I made it clear at the function that I was a New Democrat - always going to vote New Democrat," she said. "I got a lot of laughs. And that was what it was all about." The following is a complete copy of the invite to that event, which was held at former Non-Partisan Association mayoral candidate Jennifer Clarke's home.

Conservative Candidate for Vancouver South

Wai Young

Cordially Invites You to a Fundraising Reception.

"Women Supporting Women"

Featuring anecdotes from fabulous women who have been there:

Jennifer Clarke,
Hon. Joy MacPhail,
Hon. Mary Collins,
Maggie Ip

Come hear about and share the ins and outs of being a woman in politics.

(YES men are welcome too!!!)

Date: Friday, March 7, 2008
Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Where: Jennifer & Doug Clarke's Home
Cost: $100.00 (Tax receipt will be issued for donation portion)

Three Easy Payment Options (to be received by Wed. March 5th please!)

1) Online at (active by Feb 18)
2) Fax complete form (attached below)
3) Mail the completed attached form with a cheque made payable to:
"Conservative Party of Canada - Vancouver South" to:
Financial Agent Barbara Jackson

For addition information: please contact Vera Nickel


I don't think it that big of a deal that Joy attended a fundraiser for a female candidate who happens to be running for the Conservative party. I think anytime a woman supports another woman in politics, this is good. The fact that women are willing to put aside partisan politics in order to support other woman achieve political office is a good thing.


Could Joy's appearance at "Women Supporting Women" be best explained by her own campaign to bring more women into B.C. politics?

We received an announcement of "Joy's List" with the goal of bringing in 100 men and women dedicated to balance in the B.C. Legislature.

To visit JOY'S LIST click on

This fundraising effort, launched the same day by Joy, certainly isn't going to the Conservatives:

Is there any difference between the conservatives and the New Democratic Party?

Grant it, you have to send your check to a different organization, but it really all goes to the same cause.

"Could Joy's appearance at "Women Supporting Women" be best explained by her own campaign to bring more women into B.C. politics?"

That's really principled given the cuts to women's programs by the Conservative government. Glad to see that Joy is sticking up for the cause of women.

I guess Joy does not support Bev Meslo the female NDP candidate in Vancouver-South...what a shame that Joy has become a Conservative.

So it is OK to appear as a featured attraction at a Conservative 100 dollar a plate dinner? If those who support tilting the Dipper table to allow for more women candidates can justify this then we know for sure that this really is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Perhaps the fact that former NDPer Ujjal is the MP there motivated Joy to assist a Conservative against this turncoat?

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