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The outgoing president of the British Columbia Government and Service Employees Union may soon be helping out former American vice-president Al Gore. In an interview with Public Eye, George Heyman confirmed he's been invited to be one of The Climate Project's presenters - receiving training to deliver a version of Mr. Gore's Academy Award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Explained Mr. Heyman, "I've been invited to take the training and I'm very much interested in doing it. I'm just trying to see if I can make it work with my schedule. I think the issue of climate change and global warming is a very important one. It's obviously got increasing public profile thanks, in no small measure, to the efforts of the former vice-president of the U.S. I understand the focus has shifted a bit in the presentations. Now that people understand the problem, the focus is shifting a bit more to the solutions. And I'm very interested in that."

"So, as I finish my current position with the BCGEU, I'm looking for opportunities to contribute in a number of ways," continued Mr. Heyman. "And I can't think of any issue that's got more relevance to people anywhere in the world - including British Columbians - then the issue of how we addressing global warming and climate change over the next few years." Mr. Heyman last day as the union's president is June 25.


Mr. Heyman,

Certainly the issue of climate change and global warming is a very important one. Of even more relevance and importance to your current paid duties however, is the fact that your current union is plagued full of problems based upon poor practice and self centered interests. I suggest you not bother checking your schedule on this recent invitation and perhaps re-evaluate why it is your union representatives stand in the way of ethical practice by fighting to support bad practice that usually involves those most vulnerable.June 25th will come very quickly and there is lot's of grief,grievance remaining inside BCGEU.... reshift your thoughts in that direction before leaving because that is what taxpayers paid you to do all along.

Al Gore's film is full of mis-information and science that is questionable. Anybody willing to jump on board needs to re-access their position.

What is not being covered in the corporate media is the global cooling conference being held in New York city with scientist from around the world who are telling their side of this global theory that everyone takes as fact.

Al Gore says the evidence is in, this is a fact not a theory, Global warming is a theory and a bad one at that.

I guess leading the BCGEU and then later moving on to green issues, such as climate change, is becoming something of a habit with former BCGEU leaders.

Former BCGEU head John Fryer ('69 - '83) has now become the federal Green Party candidate in Nanaimo-Alberni!

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