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Last year, Public Eye reported one of British Columbia's leading tourist operators picked up Tourism, Sports and the Arts Minister Stan Hagen's bill at a weekend arts festival. At the time, Minister Hagen - who disclosed that gift to then conflict of interest commissioner H.A.D. Oliver - estimated its value at about $280. But, according to Minister Hagen's most recent public disclosure statement, the value of that getaway was higher - $558. The following is a complete copy of Minister Hagen's invite to that festival, which was obtained by Public Eye via a freedom of information request.

Honourable Stan Hagen
Minister of Tourism, Sport, & Arts
437 5th St.
Courtenay, BC
V9N 1J7

May 4, 2007

Dear Honourable Minister,

The Thirteenth Annual Painters at Painter's is rapidly approaching.

I am delighted to invite you and Judy to attend as my guests for this wonderful weekend celebration of art. This year's event will begin on the evening of Friday May 25 and continue through Sunday May 27.

A reservation has been made on your behalf at Painter's Lodge. Your accomodation, meals, and beverags will be taken care of - just sign everything off to your room. As special guests you are also invited to attend the private VIP cocktail reception with the artists that takes place in the Granny Painter Room on Friday evening at 6:30pm.

Our special events coordinator Maryam Parandeh can be reached at 370-6510 if you have any questions in the meantime.

It would be my grat pleasure to have you join us for this special weekend at Painter's Lodge.

Kindest personal regards,

Robert H. Wright

Cc: Maryam Parandeh

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