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Earlier, we reported Marisa Adair has been appointed the public affairs bureau's resource sector executive director. But who's going to be replacing her as the ministry of health's communications director, you may wonder? Well, the answer is Michelle Stewart departed the same post back in December 2005. All of which has some wondering whether the talent pool at the bureau is a bit shallow these days. Ms. Stewart has been serving as the children and youth representative's communications director.The following is a complete copy of the email announcing her appointment.

----- Original Message -----
From: Morris, Linda PAB:EX
Sent: Thu Feb 21 20:56:42 2008
Subject: New PAB MoH Communications Director!

She's back!

I am very pleased to announce that Michelle Stewart has accepted the position of Communications Director (PAB), Ministry of Health. We're very happy that she has decided to come back to our "health" team.

Michelle will be finishing up her current duties over the next few weeks and assuming her new responsibilities on March 17th. Marisa will stay on for a few weeks after Michelle's arrival to ensure a smooth transition.

Welcome back Michelle!!!!

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