A lack of certainty

Earlier, we noted the British Columbia Lottery Corp. would no longer be reporting out on its level of public support. This, following the release of a damning report by ombudsman Kim Carter that found the corporation's "validation and prize payout proceedures" for lottery winnings "were unreasonable." Asked about the matter, Solicitor General John Les said "I'm not sure" the removal of that performance measure "has anything to do with" Ms. Carter's report. "Obviously, what my interest is, is to make sure they are not only well-regarded by the public but, in fact, respected by the public in terms of the public's ability to have confidence in fair and impeccable lottery practices." So if that's the case, why not continue to report on the corporation's level of public support? "I'm not sure," Solicitor General Les responded. "For me it's important we maintain the public's confidence in a fair and completely above board lottery system."

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