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Remember the Campbell administration's much-ballyhooed rental supplement initiative? Announced back in October 2006, BC Housing predicted that initiative - one of Housing Minister Rich Coleman pet projects - would increase the number of households taking advantage of its rental assistance programs by 14,390 in fiscal 2007/08. But things don't seem to have gone according to that plan. BC Housing now reports, in fiscal 2007/08, just 4,394 households were added to its rental assistance programs - a failure first mentioned by Strategic Thought's David Schreck. Moreover, the corporation claims "by the end of 2010/11, it is expected that rent assistance will be provided to more than 22,700 households." But, last year, the corporation said "by the end of 2007/08, it is expected that rent assistance will be provided to more than 33,000 households." Fancy that! The following is a complete copy of BC Housing's rental assistance targets as stated in its 2007 and 2008 service plans.

Number of new households assisted through rent assistance programs

2007/08-2009/10 Service Plan

2009/10 Target 2,700
2008/09 Target 3,000
2007/08 Target 14,390
2006/07 Forecast New measure introduced in 2006/07

2008/09-2010/11 Service Plan

2010/11 Target 2,400
2009/10 Target 2,700
2008/09 Target 3,000
2007/08 Forecast 7,000
2006/07 Actuals 4,394


Only in BC do some consider not reaching the target of "households accessing rent assistance" a failure. Sheesh. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that families don't need the assistance by not meeting the criteria? By the way, the criteria seemed to be widely accepted at the time of its release with both social services and Aboriginal agencies supporting it.

Widely accepted by Aboriginal agencies and social services....Is this more liberal spin?....nice made up retort but you should back this up if you can.

I'm just reading the quotes in the press release from various orgs including the salvation army and associations representing Aboriginals in the downtown eastside. No liberal spin, just a fair critical assessment of the information provided. Try it out sometime.

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