The winner's winnings

New York Senator William Learned Marcy once said, "To the victor belongs the spoils." And that certainly seems to be the case when measuring the amount of donations each provincial political party receives from national lobbying firms with offices in British Columbia. According to an analysis of Elections British Columbia filings by Public Eye, Earnscliffe Strategy Group Inc. contributed the most to the Liberals - donating $10,971 between 2005 and 2006. By comparison, Hill and Knowlton Canada Ltd. contributed $8,180, followed by Fleishman-Hillard Canada Inc. at $7,530 and National Public Relations Ltd. at $6,325. No donations were made to the New Democrats. The following is a complete listing of those donations by firm.

Donations by government relations firms

Earnscliffe B.C. Inc.

2005 $3,981
2006 $6,990

Fleishman-Hillard Canada Inc./GPC Canada Inc.*

2005 $4,540
2006 $2,990

Hill and Knowlton Canada Ltd.

2005 $5,190
2006 $2,990

National Public Relations Ltd./Global Public Affairs Inc.**

2005 $4,190
2006 $2,135

* GPC Public Affairs announced on February 16, 2006 it had "combined operations with Fleishman-Hillard Canada under the Fleishman-Hillard brand."

** National Public Relations and Global Public Affairs "enjoy a business partnership that allows both firms to provide comprehensive government and public relations services to their clients."

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