A Blizzard treat?

Environmentalist are worried are worried there may be renewed interest in developing the province's uranium resources. This, after the owner of British Columbia's controversial Blizzard Uranium Claim hired a consultant to lobby government. On January 8, Cindy Burton declared her intent to lobby the Campbell administration on behalf of Boss Power Corp. The topic of that lobbying is listed as "mining." Company president David Stone hasn't responded to an email requesting comment. Nor has Ms. Burton return a phone call from Public Eye. Although, speaking yesterday with your humble organ, Minister of State for Mining Kevin Krueger said he hasn't been approached by Ms. Burton or Boss Power Corp.

But that isn't much of a reassurance to Uranium Free B.C. Coalition chair Peter Chataway. "If they see an opening, if they think the citizens aren't being vigilant, then they try to make moves toward developing their claim," he said. "But if one company gets through the gate, then we'd expect there'd be equivalent to carpet bombing uranium exploration throughout the Okanagan Valley and the Kootenays and the Thompson at least."

Development of the Blizzard deposit - located about 49 kilometres southeast of Kelowna - has been opposed by both environmentalists. Previous opposition to such development resulted in a seven-year moratorium on uranium mining in British Columbia, which expired in 1987.

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