Breaking open the bread

Next month, federal Conservatives will be hosting a reception at The Fairmont Waterfront, giving supporters an opportunity to meet the party's caucus of British Columbia candidates. And, as part of that event, the Tories are also organizing five private dinners with parliamentarians Stockwell Day, David Emerson, Jay Hill and Gary Lunn - as well as Senator Gerry St. Germain. Asked why those dinners are being limited to 20 people each, Conservative national council member Ray Leitch explained, "We wanted to keep it smaller groups so it wasn't a massive group" and "they can sit down and talk about the problems they're having and what they want to see the government do." Supporters can attend the reception and a dinner at a cost of $550 or the reception alone at a cost of $200. The following is a complete copy of the invite to one of those dinners.

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From: "Lyall D. Knott"
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 10:41:59
Subject: Hon. David Emerson MP, P.C.

On Wednesday, February 20th, David Emerson and the Conservative Members of Parliament from British Columbia (including Cabinet Ministers) will be meeting in Vancouver at the Fairmont Waterfront Centre Hotel.

That evening the Party is hosting a Reception and Dinner at the Hotel for the B.C. Tory Caucus. This will be a fundraiser with the proceeds being earmarked for the local Electoral District Association/Candidate. Please join us at the Reception and/or the Dinner.

Following the Reception, we are organizing a private Dinner for David Emerson at a cost of $550.00 per person which includes the cost of the Reception. Should you wish to attend the Reception, only, the cost is $200.00 per person.

Please note that the number of guests attending the Dinner will be limited to approximately 20 people.

The new rules relating to the donation of funds to Federal political parties are very different than the rules regarding donations to Provincial parties. Please note the following:

1. Federal political parties may only accept donations from individuals... no corporate donations may be accepted.

2. Please make your personal cheque payable to "Vancouver Centre Conservative E.D.A." in the amount of $200.00 per person (Reception) or $550.00 per person (Reception plus Emerson Dinner).

3. Annually, your contribution to your Electoral District Association/Candidate is limited to $1,100.00 per person... therefore, should you wish to purchase two tickets to the Reception & Dinner ($550.00 per person) you would max out your annual donation to the E.D.A.

4. In addition to your annual donation of $1,100.00 to the E.D.A., you may make an additional $1,100.00 donation to the National Party... again, no corporate donations, only individual.

5. All donations receive very favourable tax treatment.

If you have any questions regarding the rules relating to donations, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I hope you can join David Emerson at the Reception and Dinner. If so, please send me your personal cheque made payable to "Vancouver Centre Conservative E.D.A." in the amount of $550.00 per ticket, to a maximum of two tickets.

I look forward to seeing you on February 20th.


Isn't that strange. The star Tory candidate in Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge-Mission, Randy Kamp, isn't being offered any kind of top billing here! Could it be he's out of the country on some important diplomatic or trade mission? Or could it just be that ...

So say, for example, you reside downwind of the Chalk River nuclear power plant and you would like to voice your concern over the fact that Mr. Lunn threw the Chernobyl dice and re-started the plant over the objections of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, then all you would have to do to speak to the man would be to travel across the country and shell out $550?

In that situation it might actually be a good deal.

Dont think Randy Kamp is a member of the cabinet.

The money war has started long ago. The reception at these dinner events will show conservatives' muscles on local donors. If they are able to gain some of the prestigious donors that endorse BCL provincially, people like MLA Mayencourt and councilor Chow may reconsider challenging former LPC ministers as tory candidates.

Sounds like Steven Harper's Conservatives are "Sitting down for Canadians" (but only a select few of them).

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