Got wood?

Former Campbell administration deputy minister and provincial Liberal president Andrew Wilkinson has signed-up to lobby the government on behalf of a New Jersey-based biomass power producer. Mr. Wilkinson registered on January 30 as a lobbyist for Convanta Energy Corp. - which bills itself as "a world leader in the development and operation of large scale Energy-from-Waste and renewable energy projects." That's the same day the Campbell administration told the media it would be rolling out its new bioenergy strategy. That strategy - which will establish "one of Canada's most comprehensive provincial biomass inventories that creates waste to energy opportunities" - includes a goal of "developing at least 10 community energy projects that convert local biomass into energy by 2020"

Mr. Wilkinson declined to discuss details of his lobbying work. Nor would he say whether that work was related to the strategy, which was released on January 31. Indeed, when contacted for further comment, Mr. Wilkinson said, "Oh, I think we've had enough to say today don't you...I look forward to whatever you have to say," before hanging up. Covanta hasn't yet responded to an interview request.

The Campbell administration announced its intent to develop a bioenergy strategy on February 27, 2007 as part of its energy plan. According to that plan, that strategy would help "build upon British Columbia's natural bioenergy resource advantages" including "woody debris, agricultural crop residues, animal manure and organic municipal wastes that can be used to produce heat, electricity, liquid fuels and other forms of energy."

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