Do or do not - there is no study

Last week, Public Eye exclusively reported the provincial government would be promoting biomass power projects in a big way - despite the fact the environment ministry only just recently commissioned a study into emissions from such developments. Asked if the government should have waited for that study to be completed before rolling out its bioenergy strategy, energy, mines and petroleum resources public affairs officer Jake Jacobs in an email, "It's not an either/or proposition. We will all be working together." But New Democrat environment critic Shane Simpson sees things a bit differently.

"I think it is important we look at bioenergy," said Mr. Simpson. "And I think it absolutely has a place in the future for us to be able to use particularly waste off of the beetle wood. So it all makes good sense. But I kind of get the feeling this is like a lot of Gordon Campbell's announcements - he's anxious to get out there and roll out an announcement without having actually done the due diligence to answer the real important questions about how it will work."

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