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The Campbell administration has hired Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs diplomat in residence Jeremy Kinsman to "identify labour market development opportunities" on behalf of the ministry of economic development. This, according to a notice of intent quietly posted today on BC Bid. The document states Mr. Kinsman, who was Canada's ambassador to the European Union between 2002 until 2007, will also "lead consultations" related to the ministry's labour market development initiatives. The following is a complete copy of the notice.

Labour Market Development Initiatives

Notice is hereby given by the Ministry of Economic Development (the "Ministry") of its intent to contract with Jeremy Kinsman (the "Vendor") to provide the following services, as they relate to the Ministry's labour market development initiatives:

i. strategic planning and analysis;
ii. leading consultations;
iii. identifying labour market development opportunities and avenues to initiate and access those opportunities; and
iv. other related duties.

Services will be provided on an as, if and when requested basis. The total cost of this contract will not exceed $25,000. The contract term will be for 1 year from contract signing.

The Ministry has chosen not to call for proposals as the Vendor has strong relevant experience that provides the unique mix of qualifications required for this contract, including:

* extensive knowledge of international and transatlantic economic and government relations, as well as experience working internationally through diplomatic channels based on his former role as Canada's ambassador to the European Union from 2002 until 2007 and current role as Diplomat in Residence at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University;

* leading consultations with international stakeholders;
* strategic policy planning experience;
* managing international stakeholder and diplomatic relations; and
* recent experience providing analysis of international political and economic relations.

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A foreign affairs expert working in the labour field. Does this signal an intensified effort to recruit more landed immigrants and foreign workers?

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