Dobell's public service announcement

Thanks to the premier's former special advisor Ken Dobell, more British Columbians than ever know about the province's Lobbyists Registration Act. This, after Mr. Dobell failed to promptly register as a lobbyist for the city of Vancouver. So is it a coincidence then that the number of consultant lobbyist registrations increased dramatically in April - the same month Mr. Dobell was accused of non-compliance with that law by the provincial New Democrats? And there was another increase in June. This, following the release a May 28 report by information and privacy commissioner David Loukidelis which alleged Mr. Dobell breached the act. Mr. Dobell - who didn't, according to Mr. Loukidelis, intend to hide his consulting work with the city - has denied any wrongdoing. The following is a complete list the number of consultant lobbyist registration per month in 2007, as provided by the office of the information and privacy commissioner.

2007 Consultant Lobbyist Registrations

January - 7
February - 5
March - 7
April - 15
May - 13
June - 27
July - 6
August - 5
September - 4
October - 8
November - 8
December - 17

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