That didn't hurt a bit

Earlier, we reported former provincial Liberal house leader Graham Bruce was refusing to discussing details of his lobbying work - even refusing to name the president of the company he's working for. And that irritates New Democrat house leader Mike Farnworth. Noting Mr. Bruce was formerly part of an administration that promised to be the most open and accountable government in Canada, Mr. Farnworth stated, "I would have thought that, in keeping with that spirit of openness, Graham would want to talk about his lobbying contracts." Thankfully though, Calvin Darrell Helin - who Public Eye has since learned is the president of the Eagle Group of Companies LLC, does seem to believe in openness and accountability.

Mr. Helin, the president of the Native Investment and Trade Association and chairman of Orca Real Estate Ventures Inc., explained his company hired Mr. Bruce because "he's somebody who - as a former member of government - knows the layout the land. And we have (the exclusive rights to) a product that is one of the most effective emissions reduction additives for diesel fuel. And we're just getting his familiarize (the Campbell administration) with the product that's out there."

At this juncture, Mr. Helin said he "didn't have any definitive ideas" on how the government could use Viscon. But "it's actually something that could have a huge impact on reducing thousands of tonnes of emissions that are currently going into the air."

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