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Last week, we reported the Knowledge Network will soon be repositioning itself with a possible new name, logo, on-air slogan and look. So does the mean the Campbell administration has approved the Crown corporation's new strategic plan - which was submitted to the government this past fall? Not so, says advanced education communications director Gordon Williams. In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Williams explained the repositioning intiative "isn't tied to their strategic plan." Instead, the broadcaster is simply "going through the process of adapting to the changing communications environment. Because much of their visual identity, as you can see, is somewhat dated." Meanwhile, said Mr. Williams, the network's strategic plan remains under review.

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Oh, what a plate of horse muffins!

Everybody knows and respects KNOWLEDGE NETWORK. Changing its name is no "improvement".

This is the same old ploy. It's a different way of spelling PRIVATIZATION: Change the name -- then change the entity in ways they know people will hate -- and maybe the old name will be forgotten and the new entity will be like a stranger ... and presto! the downgrades or sale or 999-year "lease" will sail through unremarked.



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