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Earlier, we reported the premier's innovation and excellence awards would be "undergoing a significant expansion in 2008/08" - with the cost of its video production component alone almost tripling over last year's ceremonies. But it seems some bureaucrats don't put much stock in those awards. When civil servants were asked "what was the most valuable recognition for a job well done" - 26 percent of respondents choose a personal note from their supervisor, with performance-based pay being the second most popular choice at 24 percent. By comparison, the least popular choice was the premier's awards at two percent. Fancy that! The following is a complete copy of that survey, which was posted on the public service's intranet site and obtained by Public Eye via a freedom of information request.

Poll results: The best reward

Thanks to the many of you who voted on the poll and sent us your feedback.

Four pretty close responses to what you think the most valuable form of recognition is:

* A personal note/thank you from your supervisor;
* Performance-based pay;
* A personal note/thank you from executive;
* Random, with an element of surprise.

For rewards and mementoes most of you are interested in time off or monetary rewards.

Many of you wrote in to say peer recongition should have been on our list. Here's some of your feedback.

* When you start recognizing people, you have to be carefuly about who you aren't recognizing. Many times there is more going on behind the scenes than is obvious to management. Recognition from management is fine if sincere but from within peers is much fairer and often more meaningful.

* Any reward or recognition has to be sincerely given with the person giving the reward having a full understanding of what the recognition is for and what it means. Too many times I have seen people get awards or recognition from higher up, and I am sure the person giving the award has no clue about what the recipient achieved or what it meant for their organization.

* There is nothing worse that having one for each employee gifts handed out as recongition...especially if you get one only a few weeks ahead of everyone, or horrors...are one of the last in the office to get yours. Make the mementos more individual.

And last word to a great comment....

The value of a "thank you" every day is huge!

Posted Jan. 29, 2007

Poll results: The best reward (continued)

Valuable Recognition for a Job Well Done

A personal note from supervisor 199
A personal note from executive 151
Random, surprise 108
Formal team event 58
Annual events 41
Premier's Awards 20
Performance-based Pay 185

What's the Best Reward?

Certificate 51
Desk do-hickey 26
T-shirt 11
Photo 17
Time Off 193
Monetary 159
Anything 88
Nothing 12

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