Where Brands Don't Work

Last March, Premier Gordon Campbell launched "an aggressive new (public service) recruitment campaign under the brand 'Where ideas work' that promotes the public service as an innovative and dynamic career choice." But, eight months after that campaign was rolled out, many bureaucrats didn't seem to know about that, er, innovative and dynamic new catchphrase. In November, the government's intranet Website posed the following question: "Did you know that Where Ideas Work is the new corporate 'brand' for the BC Public Service." And it turns out fifty-seven percent of survey respondents didn't. Fancy that! The following is a complete copy of that survey, which was obtained by Public Eye via a freedom of information request.

Poll results: Where ideas work

There's not much to say about the results of our poll on the branch for the BC Public Service: there are more of you that didn't know that was the brand than those that did.

Good to know. And even better, all those people who voted 'no' should now be aware of it, so that's a step forward.

We also want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to send in comments to our other questions. We got a lot of comments with really well thought out responses on both questions, so we'll wade through those and have a look at all the great things you've suggested to make this even more of a place where ideas work.

Posted Nov. 13, 2007

Did you know that Where Ideas Work is the corporate "brand" for the BC Public Service?

Yes 106
No 141

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"Branding" is not an answer in any event. Look at the turnover rate for corrections officers and deputy sheriffs - 15% loss in the last year. Overtime costs have skyrocketted.

The problem is $$$$. Nevertheless, the Province refuses to consider adjusting compensation.

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