Lack of policy explained

Last year, Ian Reid replaced David Perry as provincial New Democrat leader Carole James's chief of staff, leaving the post of caucus policy director vacant. But, next month, Public Eye has learned British Columbia Government and Service Employees Union staff representative Vanessa Geary will be filling the vacancy. Ms. Geary, who has been an executive assistant to union president George Heyman and Vancouver mayor Larry Campbell, was recently elected to Vision Vancouver's board of directors.


Will Ms Geary be brining a Vancouver-centric view to Carole James's office? How will that affect James's stance on Gateway?

A very good choice. She's bright and competent.


I was getting worried that the GEU did not have enough presence within the party, ya know, being unaffiliated and all. So this appointment is great news, now the GEU can finally begin to get a foothold in policy development.

Maybe now with all this new found influence the GEU can write stuff the NDP will do and say which might (god forbid) get them elected.

Vancouver-centric views?

Perhaps some Whiterock centric viewcasters might prefer a Liberal party centric view on Gateway.

Frankly, I doubt if Ms Geary is anywhere as deeply confused, troubled, obsessed or biased over Gateway as others obviously are.

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