Grievance filed against Hammell

A unionized constituency assistant has filed two grievances against her employer provincial New Democrat legislator Sue Hammell, Public Eye has exclusively learned. British Columbia Government and Service Employees' Union communications director Mary Rowles says the union notified the employer on January 9 that one of those grievances - which was filed in December and concerns an overtime dispute - would be going to arbitration. According to Ms. Rowles, the other grievance was filed against the assistant deputy speaker of the legislature on Tuesday - this one alleging a denial of short-term sick leave.

Ms. Hammell declined repeated opportunities to personally discuss the matter. Instead New Democrat caucus communications director Glen Sanford stated, "As you probably know, there's a collective agreement in place and a process there to resolve disputes. So it's really inappropriate for a MLA or anyone else for that matter to talk about personnel matters outside of that process."

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