Two is also a lonely number

When western climate initiative members met in Portland earlier this month, the public was invited to attend and give their views on options for a regional carbon trading system. But just two major companies from British Columbia appear to have shown up - Terasen Gas Inc. and Plutonic Power Corporation Inc. And that's not much compared with the corporate delegations from some of the American states. Asked about their attendance at the event, Plutonic corporate communications director Elisha Moreno said the independent power producer's corporate development director Marc Stachiw was in Portland "marketing and networking with people and trying to find out if there's anything we aren't doing that we could be doing or anything that someone else is doing that we could be doing. There's a whole bunch of different opportunities we look at when we go down there."

So why was Plutonic was one of the only British Columbian companies there? Responded Ms. Moreno, "I know that we've pretty much got our finger on what's going on in the climate change arena. And we monitor that pretty closely. And whenever we have an opportunity that comes up we try to take it on if we can if we've got the staff and availability to do so. I don't know why other companies would have chosen not to attend. I know that Mark got a lot of value out of it when he attended. He brought the materials back. And he shared them with everybody. And there's some really interesting things happening on the climate change front that we're really interested in being a part of it."

And how did Plutonic find out about the Portland meeting? Responded Ms. Moreno, "Mark was on their Website. And we subscribed to their listserv and found out about the conference that way."

The following is a complete list of conference attendees, as provided by the Western governors' association.


Susan Culp, Sonoran Institute (Scottsdale, AZ)
Cosimo De Masi, DEMCO Environmental/Tucson Electric Power (Tucson, AZ)
Ira Domsky, Arizona Dept. of Env. Qual. ((Phoenix, AZ))
Ken Evans, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ)
Lori Faeth, Office of the Governor, AZ (Phoenix, AZ)
Phillip Fargotstein, Fennemore Craig, P.C. (Phoenix, AZ)
Michelle Freeark, Arizonza Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. Benson AZ
Richard Hayslip, Salt River Project (Phoenix, AZ)
Debbie Kimberly, Salt River Project (Phoenix, AZ)
Kathy Knoop, SRP (Phoenix, AZ)
John LeSueur, Arizona Corporation Commission (Phoenix, AZ)
Erik Magnuson, Environment Arizona (Phoenix, AZ)
CV Mathai, Arizona Public Service (Phoenix, AZ)
Steve Owens, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (Phoenix, AZ)
David Steele, WEST Associates (Tucson, AZ)
Robert Taylor, Salt River Project (Phoenix, AZ)
Bill Williams, Resolution Copper (Superior, AZ)
Jessica Youle, Arizona Department of Commerce (Phoenix, AZ)
Robert Desbiens, CONSULTEC (Victoria, BC)
Rachel Boston, Government of British Columbia (Victoria, BC)
Tim Lesiuk (British Columbia)
Will McDowall, Community Energy Association (Vancouver, BC)
Ian Neville, Terasen Gas (Surrey, BC)
Elizabeth Sheehan, CDC2/Ecotrust Canada (Vancouver, BC)
Marc Stachiw, Plutonic Power Corporation (Vancouver, BC)
Rafael Aguilera, Verde Group (Sacramento, CA)
Millie Baird, Environmental Defense (California)
Jason Barbose, Environment California (California)
Aimee Barnes, EcoSecurities (Claremont, CA)
Steven Brink, California Forestry Association (Sacramento, CA)
Chris Busch, Union of Concerned Scientists (Berkeley, CA)
Joshua Bushinsky, Pew Center on Global Climate Change (Sacramento, CA)
Dennis Champion, Occidental of Elk Hills, Inc (Tupman, CA)
Millie Chu Baird, Environmental Defense (San Francisco, CA)
Kari Dohn, GCG Rose & Kindel (Sacramento, CA)
Jane Dunn, Cirrincione Northern California Power Agency (Roseville, CA)
Susan Frank, The Better World Group (Mountain View, CA)
Michael Gibbs, California Environmental Protection Agengy (Sacramento, CA)
Bruce Goines, USDA Forest Service (Vallejo, CA)
Kassandra Gough, Calpine Corporation (Sacramento, CA)
Elizabeth Hadley, City of Redding, Electric Utility (Redding, CA)
Audra Hartmann, Dynegy (Sacramento, CA)
Paul Hurt, AES Corporation (Huntington Beach, CA)
Wendy James, Global Warming Action Coalition (Burbank, CA)
LeiLani Johnson Kowal, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (Los Angeles, CA)
Steven Kelly, Independent Energy Producers Association (Sacramento, CA)
Joe Kerecman, APX (Santa Clara, CA)
Douglas Kerner Ellison, Schneider & Harris (Cameron Park, CA)
Ron Kincaid, Markron Technologies LLC (Los Alamitos, CA)
Sergio Knaebel, The Sandler Foundation (San Francisco, CA)
Lewison Lem, PB (San Francisco, CA)
David Ligh, Exxon Mobil Corporation (Sacramento, CA)
Bob Lucas, PG&E (California)
Nader Mansour, Southern California Edison (Rosemead, CA)
Katie McCormack, Energy Foundation (San Francisco, CA)
Rachel McMahon, Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies (Sacramento, CA)
Tim McRae, British Embassy (San Francisco, CA)
Wes Miller, Evolution Markets, Inc. (San Francisco, CA)
Ralph Moran, BP America (Sacramento, CA)
Mike Murray, Sempra Energy (San Diego, CA)
Reiner Musier, APX (Santa Clara, CA)
Mark Nechodom, USDA Forest Service (Davis, CA)
Lyle Nelson, WEST Associates (Pasadena, CA)
Gabe Petlin, 3Degrees Group, Inc. (San Francisco, CA)
Pedram Pourmand, Southern California Edison (Rosemead, CA)
Gloria Quinn, Southern California Edison (Rosemead, CA)
Alex Rau, Climate Wedge Ltd (San Francisco, CA)
Bill Reynolds, SCC Americas (San Francisco, CA)
Greg San Martin, PG&E (San Francisco, CA)
Marcus Schneider, Energy Foundation (San Francisco, CA)
Danielle Seperas, Calpine (Sacramento, CA)
Mark Skowronski, Markron Technologies LLC (Irvine, CA)
Jan Smutny-Jones, Independent Energy Producers Association (California)
Sue Solger, Chevron, (San Ramon, CA)
Jennifer Stettner, ConocoPhillips (Sacramento, CA)
Scott Tomashefsky, Northern California Power Agency (Roseville, CA)
Mike Tunnell, American Trucking Associations (Roseville, CA)
Lucille Van Ommering, California Air Resources Board (Sacramento, CA)
Derek Walker, Environmental Defense (Sacramento, CA)
Devra Wang, NRDC (San Francisco, CA)
Meredith Wingate, Center for Resource Solutions (San Francisco, CA)
Naomi Cortez, El Paso Corporation (Colorado Springs, CO)
Patrick Cummins, Western Governors' Association (Denver, CO)
David Dittloff, National Wildlife Federation (Boulder, CO)
Jennifer Hayes, USDA Forest Service (Fort Collins, CO)
Pam Inmann, Western Governors' Association (Denver, CO)
John Nielsen, Western Resource Advocates (Boulder, CO)
Barbara Walz, Tri-State Generation and Transmission (Westminster, CO)
Marion Yuen, C-Lock Technology (Denver, CO)
Franz Litz, World Resources Institute (Washington, DC)
Mark Rupp, Office of Gov. Gregoire (WA) (Washington, DC)
Emilie Mazzacurati, Point Carbon (Washington, DC)
Felice Stadler, National Wildlife Federation (Washington, DC)
Kyle Boudreaux, FPL (Juno Beach, FL)
Sonia Hamel, New America Foundation (Arlington, MA)
Paul Smith, Policy Consulting Services (Falmouth, MA)
June Taylor, Center for Climate Strategies (Silver Spring, MD)
Paul Cartwright, Montana Governor's Office (Helena, MT)
Chuck Magraw (Helena, MT)
Eric Stern, Montana Governor's Office (Helena, MT)
Kenneth Colburn, Center for Climate Strategies (Meredith, NH)
Jeff Burks, PNM (Albuquerque, NM)
Sarah Cottrell, State of NM, Office of the Governor (Santa Fe, NM)
Sandra Ely, State of NM - Environmental Protection Division Santa Fe, NM
Ned Farquhar, Natural Resources Defense Council (Albuquerque, NM)
Steven Michel, Western Resource Advocates (Santa Fe, NM)
Jim Norton, State of NM - Environmental Protection Division (Santa Fe, NM)
Thomas Singer, NRDC (Santa Fe, NM)
Robb Thomson, NM CCAE (New Mexico)
Colleen Cripps, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (Carson City, NV)
Leo Drozdoff, NV Div. of Environmental Protection (Carson City, NV)
Steve Huhman, Morgan Stanley (Purchase, NY)
Wolfgang Ortloff, Equator LLC (New York, NY)
Steven Schleimer, Barclays Capital (New York)
Theo Spencer, NRDC (New York, NY)
Tim Thuston, Williams (Tulsa, OK)
John Hutchison (Ontario)
Matt Price, Environmental Defence Canada (Toronto, ON)
James Whitestone, Ministry of the Environment (Toronto, ON)
Lisa Adatto, Oregon Business Association (Beaverton, OR)
Pamela Barrow, Northwest Food Processors Assn (Portland, OR)
Emily Bartha, Sierra Club (Portland, OR)
Allan Bates, Oregon Department of Energy (Salem, OR)
Jeremiah Bauman, Environment (Oregon, OR)
Lee Beyer, Oregon Public Utility Commission (Salem, OR)
Stephen Bicker, NW Natural (Portland, OR)
Diana Bjornskov, PECI (Portland, OR)
David Breen, Port of Portland (Portland, OR)
Peter Brewer, JELD-WEN Inc. (Klamath Falls, OR)
Don Brookhyser, Alcantar & Kahl (Portland, OR)
Cyrus Bullock, Parametrix (Portland, OR)
Chuck Burley, Oregon State Representative (Bend, OR)
Mike Burnett, The Climate Trust (Portland, OR)
Myron Burr, Siltronic Corporation (Portland, OR)
Kim Burt, West Linn Paper Company (West Linn, OR)
Barbara Byrd Oregon AFL-CIO (Salem, OR)
Linc Cannon, Oregon Forest Industries Council (Salem, OR)
Stephen Caruana, Kleinfelder West (Beaverton, OR)
Phil Carver, Oregon Department of Energy (Salem, OR)
Christine Caurant, Sierra Club (Portland, OR)
Peter Cogswell, Bonneville Power Administration (Portland, OR)
Alan Comnes, NRG Energy, Inc. (Portland, OR)
Mathew Cusma, Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. (Portland, OR)
Chad Darby, Golder Associates, Inc. (Lake Oswego, OR)
Brent Davies, Ecotrust (Portland, OR)
Christina Davies Waldron SAIC (Portland, OR)
Robert Deal, PNW Research Station, USDA Forest Service (Portland, OR)
Craig Diamond, The Climate Trust (Portland, OR)
Jackie Dingfelder, Oregon State Representative (Portland, OR)
Brian Doherty, Miller Nash LLP (Portland, OR)
Bob Doppelt, University of Oregon Eugene OR
Bo Downen, Public Power Council (Portland, OR)
Bill Drumheller, Oregon Dept of Energy (Salem, OR)
Angus Duncan, Bonneville Envirohnmental Foundation (Portland, OR)
Samantha Duncan, Energy Options (Cottage Grove, OR)
Amy Dvorak, MFA Inc. (Portland, OR)
Michael Early, ICNU (Portland, OR)
Jim Edelson, OR Interfaith Power and Light (Portland, OR)
Jason Eisdorfer, Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon (Portland, OR)
Kevin Emerick, Woodfold Mfg., Inc. Forest Grove OR
Scott Farris, TransCanada (Portland, OR)
Marianne Fitzgerald, Oregon DEQ (Portland, OR)
Kathi Futornick, URS Corporation (Portland, OR)
Dan Galpern, Western Environmental Law Center (Eugene, OR)
Andy Ginsburg, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (Portland, OR)
Ivan Gold, Perkins Coie LLP (Portland, OR)
Robert Grott, NW Enviornmental Business Council (Portland, OR)
Tony Grover, Northwest Power & Conservation Council (Portland, OR)
Steve Gunther, Progressive Products & Svcs, LLC (Portland, OR)
Steve Gutmann, EcoSecurities (Portland, OR)
Stephen Hall, Stoel Rivers LLP (Portland, OR)
Michelle Halle, JELD-WEN Inc. (Portland, OR)
Kenna Halsey, Parametrix (Portland, OR)
John Harrison, Northwest Power and Conservation Council (Portland, OR)
Roy Hemmingway, Consultant (Portland, OR)
Ray Hendricks, Portland General Electric (Portland, OR)
Eric Hesse, TriMet (Portland, OR)
Michael Heumann, Oregon Public Health Division (Portland, OR)
Jenny Holmes, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon (Portland, OR)
Dan James, PNGC Power (Portland, OR)
Jesse Jenkins, Renewable Northwest Project (Portland, OR)
Ray Jones, Roseburg Forest Products (Roseburg, OR)
Massoud Jourabchi, NW power and Conservation Council (Portland, OR)
Alexia Kelly, The Climate Trust (Portland, OR)
Danielle Killpack, NIKE (Beaverton, OR)
Dan Kirschner, Northwest Gas Association (Lake Oswego, OR)
Tamara Kranz, URS Corporation (Portland, OR)
Eli Lamb, Green Lightning Consulting LLC (Portland, OR)
Gina LaRocco, Defenders of Wildlife (West Linn, OR)
Suzanne Leta Liou, Renewable Northwest Project (Portland, OR)
Marvin Lewallen, Weyerhaeuser (Beaverton, OR)
David Light, Oregon Insider (Eugene, OR)
Kevin Lynch, PPM Energy, Inc. (Portland, OR)
Brendan McCarthy, Portland General Electric (Portland, OR)
Steve McCoy, OR Dept. of Energy (Salem, OR)
Kate McCutchen, Blue Heron Paper Company Oregon City OR
Steven McGrath, Commercial Solar Ventures (Portland, OR)
Jennifer McKnight, The Nature Conservancy (Portland, OR)
Dan Meek, Utility Reform Project (Portland, OR)
John Montgomery, Ecology and Environment, Inc. (Portland, OR)
Tom O'Connor, Oregon Municipal Electric Utilities Association (Salem, OR)
G. Hossein, Parandvash Portland Water Bureau (Portland, OR)
Sean Penrith, Earth Advantage, Inc. (Portland, OR)
Ellen Porter, Roseburg Forest Products (Roseburg, OR)
Michael Powelson, The Nature Conservancy (Portland, OR)
Ann Radil, Ecos (Portland, OR)
Tobias Read, Nike/State Representative (Beaverton, OR)
Morgan Rider, Ecology and Environment (Portland, OR)
Jennifer Riehl, David Evans and Associates (Portland, OR)
Mike Riley, ATI Wah Chang (Albany, OR)
Patrick Rowe, Sussman Shank (Oregon)
Sam Sadler (Portland, OR)
Stephen Sander, Bonneville Power Administration (Portland, OR)
Joe Savage, Emerald PUD (Eugene, OR)
John Savage, Oregon PUC (Oregon)
Shelly Sayler, Portland General Electric (Portland, OR)
Alex Schay, Carbon Solutions Northwest (Portland, OR)
Janelle Schmidt, Bonneville Power Administration (Portland, OR)
Astrid Scholz, Ecotrust (Portland, OR)
Sallie Schullinger-Krause, Oregon Environmental Council (Portland, OR)
Lisa Schwartz, Oregon Public Utility Commission (Salem, OR)
Bernard Seeger, City of Cascade Locks Cascade Locks OR
Sarah Severn, Nike (Beaverton, OR)
Kimberly Seymour, David Evans and Associates Inc. (Portland, OR)
David Shaw, ORECA (Salem, OR)
Emma Snodgrass, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (Portland, OR)
Christy Splitt, Office of Ben Cannon (Portland, OR)
Scott Stewart, Intel Corp. (Hillsboro, OR)
Carol Thornberg, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (Portland, OR)
Abby Tibbs, Oregon State Senate (Salem, OR)
Mark Trexler, EcoSecurities (Portland, OR)
Judy Uherbelau, Environmental Quality Commission (Portland, OR)
David Van't Hof, State of Oregon (Salem, OR)
Bettina von Hagen, Ecotrust (Portland, OR)
Steve Weiss, NW Energy Coalition (Salem, OR)
Chris West, American Forest Resource Council (Portland, OR)
Jennifer Wetherbee, Oregon Department of Energy (Salem, OR)
Jonathan Williams, Intel (Hillsboro, OR)
Kristen Winemiller, Attorney (Portland, OR)
Don Wolfe, Bonneville Power Administration (Portland, OR)
Tom Wood, Stoel Rives (Portland, OR)
Tom Zelenka, Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. (Portland, OR)
Xiaoping Zhou, USDA Forest Service (Portland, OR)
Kenneth Martchek, Alcoa (Pittsburgh, PA)
Robert Noël de Tilly, Government of Quebec (Quebec)
James Campbell, PacifiCorp (Salt Lake City, UT)
Colleen Delaney, Utah Dept of Environmental Quality (Salt Lake City, UT)
Del Draper, The Williams Companies (Salt Lake City, UT)
Justin Farris, Energy Strategies LLC (Salt Lake City, UT)
Scott Gutting, Energy Strategies LLC (Salt Lake City, UT)
Mark Klein, Energy Strategies LLC (Salt Lake City, UT)
Dianne Nielson, State of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT)
Glade Sowards, Utah Division of Air Quality (Salt Lake City, UT)
Richard Sprott, Dept. of Environmental Quality (Salt Lake City, UT)
Jody Vorwald (Sandy, UT)
Robert Vorwald (Sandy, UT)
Sarah Wright, Utah Clean Energy (Salt Lake City, UT)
Judi Greenwald, Pew Center on Global Climate Change (Arlington, VA)
Jeffrey Wennberg, CCS (Rutland, VT)
Janice Adair Dept. of Ecology (Olympia, WA)
Hedia Adelsman WA Dept. of Ecology (Olympia, WA)
Rick Agnew Van Ness Feldman (Seattle, WA)
Jason Beloso Washington State Department of Transportation (Olympia, WA)
Raymond Benish, C4SEP (Bothell, WA)
Lynn Best, Seattle City Light (Seattle, WA)
Tim Boyd, The TSB Group (Olympia, WA)
Donna Boysen, CCS/Tetra Tech (Bothell, WA)
Clare Breidenich, Western Power Trading Forum (Seattle, WA)
William Bridges, Bonneville Power Administration (Olympia, WA)
Scott Carley, Sierra Club - Cascade Chapter (Seattle, WA)
Gregg Carrington, Chelan County PUD (Wenatchee, WA)
Anthony Chavez, Weyerhaeuser (Federal Way, WA)
Matthew Cohen, Heller Ehrman LLP (Seattle, WA)
Jessica Coven, Climate Solutions (Seattle, WA)
Eric de Place, Sightline Institute (Seattle, WA)
Peggy Duxbury, Seattle City Light (Seattle, WA)
Will Einstein, PSE (Bellevue, WA)
Keith Faretra, Puget Sound Energy (Bellevue, WA)
Rose Feliciano City of Seattle (Seattle, WA)
Nicolas Garcia Tacoma Power (Tacoma, WA)
L. Jay Gregory Longview Fibre Paper & Packaging, Inc. (Longview, WA)
Nancy Hirsh NW Energy Coalition (Seattle, WA)
Doug Howell National Wildlife Federation (Seattle, WA)
Tony Ifie Washington State DNR (Olympia, WA)
Jack Janda WA PUD Association (Washington)
Ken Johnson Puget Sound Energy Bellevue WA
Liz Klumpp BPA (Olympia, WA)
Jim Lazar Microdesign Northwest (Olympia, WA)
Michael Lazarus SEI-US (Seattle, WA)
Kathleen Leotta Parsons Brinckerhoff (Seattle, WA)
Scott Lindsay Northwest Public Power Assoc. Vancouver WA
Kent Lopez WA Rural Electric Cooperative Association (Olympia, WA)
Will Lutgen Northwest Public Power Association (Vancouver, WA)
Ross Macfarlane Climate Solutions (Seattle, WA)
Robert Mack Tacoma Public Utilities (Tacoma, WA)
Jessica Matlock, Snohomish County PUD (Everett, WA)
Adrian Miller, Wa. Forest Protection Association (Olympia, WA)
Andrew Munro, Grant County PUD (Ephrata, WA)
Teri North, Washington Department of Ecology (Olympia, WA)
Greg Nothstein, CTED Energy Policy (Olympia, WA)
Aaron Perry, Rayonier (Hoquiam, WA)
Doug Peters, Growth Management Services WA CTED (Olympia, WA)
Kevin Raymond, The Pacific Forest Trust (Seattle, WA)
Jodie Read, Alcoa (Ferndale, WA)
Spencer Reeder, WA Dept. of Ecology (Olympia, WA)
Sarah Rees, Washington Department of Ecology (Olympia, WA)
Lisa Rennie, Seattle City Light (Seattle, WA)
Lisa Riener, Quinault Nation (Taholah, WA)
Michael Robinson-Dorn, University of Washington School of Law (Seattle, WA)
Leslie Seffern, WA State Attorney General's Office/Ecology Division (Olympia, WA)
Amy Shatzkin, ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability (Seattle, WA)
Jill Simmons, City of Seattle (Washington)
Collins Sprague, Avista Corp. (Olympia, WA)
Seth Stark, WSDOT (Seattle, WA)
Stephen Thomas, Golder Associates Inc. (Seattle, WA)
Bob Titus, City of Ellensburg (Ellensburg, WA)
Tony Usibelli, CTED (olympia, WA)
Kathryn VanNatta, Northwest Pulp and Paper (Bellevue, WA)
Dave Warren, WA PUD Association (Olympia, WA)
Stacey Waterman-Hoey, CTED Energy Policy (Olympia, WA)
Clark Williams-Derry, Sightline Institute (Seattle, WA)
Scott Woerman, Landau Associates, Inc. (Seattle, WA)
Steve Ellenbecker, Wyoming Governor's Office (Cheyenne, WY)
Greg Schaefer, Arch Coal, Inc. (Wright, WY)
Kalle Applegate, Oregon Trucking Associations Inc.
Erik Bakken
Jane Bloch
Dan Carol, ACORE
Louise Comeau, ICLEI
Cylvia Hayes, NW Energy Coalition
Steven Messner, California Climate Change Services
Stephen Mooney, Carbonetworks Corporation
Bob Russell, Oregon Trucking Associations Inc.
Cameron Smith, Oregon Governor's Office
Linda Whelan, Dynegy

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As an amendment, I represented a BC company in attendance. Carbonetworks is a Victoria-based software company focused on GHG emission management and strategy.

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