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Earlier, we reported senior provincial Liberal political aide David Cyr would be leaving the legislature for Plutonic Power Corporation Inc. Specifically, we've learned he'll be working as the independent power producer's First Nations and corporate affairs manager. But, in an interview with Public Eye, the company's corporate communications director Elisha Moreno declined to confirm the hire saying, "I can't reveal anything about personnel until we actually announce it publicly. We're a public company. And we'll put it up on our Website. We don't pre-announce personnel before we put something up on our Website."

Asked why the company has been hiring so many Campbell administration staffers, Ms. Moreno responded, "I think the way we look at it is we're trying to be the leading green energy company in B.C. And when you're looking at hiring staff you want the very best that are available. And it's a competitive marketplace. And if we need to go out and find really good quality people, we look at the best of the best and we try to recruit the best of the best. And sometimes we don't get who we want. But a lot of times we do. And we do that because we want to be the leader in B.C."


I'm not sure that Plutonic Power should be scrutinized for hiring former politicos from the Campbell government; I think we should ask ourselves why so many Liberal staffer are fleeing the HMS Gordo in such numbers...

That's assuming they are actually fleeing. It could be that they get their apprenticeship in a business-friendly government, learn how the political machinery works, then are spawned into the private sector with all the necessary backdoor connections to take advantage of the public gravy train.

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