The price of information

This morning, The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer opined "the public for the most part has been excluded" from discussions about the Campbell administration's climate action plan. And even "the caucus of government MLAs has not yet been granted a proper briefing on emissions trading, carbon taxes and other aspects of the plan." So perhaps Liberal legislators might want to hurry-up and purchase a $1,715 ticket to attend the Conference Board of Canada's Adapting to Climate Change conference, which gets underway today in Ottawa. After all, that's where Premier Gordon Campbell will be delivering a keynote speech tomorrow concerning "what the B.C.'s government's expectations are (regarding climate change) and how it plans to approach this challenge, and what the Premier expects of business and other levels of government." Media who happen to be in the nation's capital are welcome to attend the conference. But it looks like the provincial press won't get an opportunity to listen in on the speech via teleconference. According to conference board senior communications specialist Brent Dowdall, "We're just not doing it. It hasn't been anything that's been requested of us. So it's something that we're not able to do at this point."

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