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Four years ago, BC Hydro Corp. signed a $1.45 billion outsourcing dealwith Accenture Business Services of British Columbia. And now the Crown corporation is planning to ask its employees how that ten year arrangement is working out. The corporation has asked Angus Reid Strategies Inc to conduct any online survey asking for feedback on the human resource, information technology, purchasing, financial, customer care and building and office services provided by Accenture. The following is a complete copy of the internal announcement of that survey.

January 16, 2008

Complete the Accenture Client Satisfaction Survey

Watch for an email from Angus Reid next week, asking for your feedback in an online survey about services you receive from Accenture:

* Human Resource Services
* Information Technology Services
* Purchasing Services
* Financial Services
* Customer Care Services
* Building and Office Services

The survey runs for five business days and is being conducted by Angus Reid, an independent survey organization.

BC Hydro and Accenture will each donate $1 to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon for every survey completed. Everyone who completes a survey will be eligible to win a digital camera (value $300). A summary of the results will be posted in a future edition of /Keeping Current/.

Accenture is one of our key business partnerships playing an increasingly important role in helping BC Hydro achieve its triple bottom line (TBL) results. Both organizations use the annual survey to better collaborate on efforts for continuous service improvement and to maximize the benefits of the relationship. The survey is shorter this year, reflecting employee feedback from past surveys.

Additional details about the services provided by Accenture are in the Outsourcing section of the Strategic Partnerships intranet site.

If you have any questions, please contact Dawn Peebles-Adams.


I truly hope the results will be published and made available tot he public.

What for? If BC Hydro is delivering its service and products at an acceptable cost and quality to users, there's no need to waste space on Accucenter just to appease the Office and Technical Worker's Union.

There won't be anything shocking to engergize
the unions to remove Accucenter.

Are there any dam questions?

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