More collaborative projects?

Earlier, we reported Philip Cook or Brent Parfitt might have the resume necessary to become the ministry of children and family development's new quality assurance assistant deputy minister. But what about former Canadian Child Care federation executive director Sandra Griffin, the administrative head for the University of North British Columbia's National Collaborating Centre on Aboriginal Health? After all, she would also be someone with the "international level" experience necessary to meet the preferred qualifications for that post.

Asked whether she had applied or considered applying for that position, Ms. Griffin said, "That would be something that, because it's personnel-related and I'm in another position, I wouldn't be talking about it at this point." That being said, she added the quality assurance assistant deputy minister would be "an absolutely central role to moving forward on the ministry's agenda. And I would think the more interesting news would be once somebody's appointed into that (position), to be able to have a really good talk about what that means."

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It's one thing to have a "resume"; it's another thing entirely to be able. We have already seen the results of Ms du Toit's "resume" and it's a sad state of affairs.

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