Travel time

Last month, Joel Palmer resigned as the provincial Liberal caucus's executive director to become director of education ministry's learning initiatives branch. So who's going to be replacing him, you may wonder? Why that would be none other than the Premier Gordon Campbell's press secretary Mike Morton. In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Morton explained, "Having been with Premier Campbell for ten years has been absolutely phenomenal and I believe probably a record in this business - both as director of communications in opposition and press secretary when we formed government in 2001. But when the opportunity availed itself to go over to caucus, I was looking for a new challenge. And going back to caucus is really going back to my roots. And it's going to be great fun between now and the campaign of 09. So I'm really looking forward to it. And it'll be way less travel - which I'm, on one hand, really delighted about. But there's been many fond memories with the premier." A replacement for Mr. Morton hasn't been selected.

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