The sound of silence

The Campbell administration hasn't said much about its participation in the western climate initiative since last August. That's when the provincial government announced initiative members - which include six western states, as well as British Columbia and Manitoba - had agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 15 percent below 2005 levels by 2020. So you could be forgiven if you didn't know representatives from those jurisdictions met in Portland last Thursday to discuss options for the design of a regional, multi-sector, cap-and-trade program. That specifics of that design is a "reall big deal" because it will determine how greenhouse gas emission limits are "distributed, what kinds of 'offsets' or good deeds to compensate for pollution will be allowed" and so on. This, according to Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Lisa Stiffer. But the government hasn't said word boo about that meeting. Still, that shouldn't be a surprise given this administration still hasn't released a list of who's met with the executive council's climate action committee - despite an earlier promise from Premier Gordon Campbell to do just that?

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